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An on-line marketing consultancy with a difference, what's the difference, simple, we are business people who have businesses that need to be found on the internet. Like many of you we were repeatedly let down by organisations promising the earth and delivering very little. In the end, we taught ourselves and now share our knowledge with other businesses.
In this site, you will find out about:
  • internet marketing
  • web site optimisation (which leads to being found naturally)
  • pay per click marketing (Google Adwords, Overture, Espotting)
  • search engines (MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • and how Clicks4U can help your business
The internet is providing an increasing share of most businesses sales volumes. It is changing customer behaviour and gives the perception that you can buy cheaper on the web.

The high street, the retail park, the supermarket, were where prospective customers went to find & buy the products that they needed or desired. Increasingly however, many shoppers go to find the product that they they want, but then return to their home or office to search the internet with the hope of finding it cheaper. Other prospective customers prefer to let the internet bring the high street to their office or home.

Like it or not, many traditional businesses are losing sales to internet enabled businesses.

The majority of businesses have a web-site, but a web site is only productive if it is being found by prospective customers.

Ideally, every business would want to be found naturally in the search engines (it's free - so why wouldn't you), to achieve this, your web-site will need to be optimised, using proven optimisation techniques. Unfortunately, the results are not instant and can take some months before "free" clicks (visitors) are being seen. However, the future marketing strategy of the business should target both free and paid for clicks. Therefore, the quicker the site is optimised, the quicker one reaps the benefits.

Our strategy is simple:
  • we look at your business, the products that you are selling, any brochures that you produce, your website, your advertising.
  • in terms of being found naturally in the search engines, we propose how your web-site should be "optimised" - this involves:
    • changing both visible & invisible content to make your website more search engine friendly.
    • subscribing to a submission service.
    • researching the prime keywords and phrases that the site should use to aid being found.
    • evolving a links strategy to encourage quality web sites to link to your to your site.
  • in terms of paying to be found by the search engines (pay per click), we:
    • carefully research the keywords or phrases that we believe would generate sales for your business.
    • produce a detailed Pay per Click budget that shows the individual keywords,the number of anticipated visitors to your site (clicks), and the cost per click.
    • tailor the Pay per Click budget to fit within your overall marketing spend.
    • write mini adverts for each keyword (search term)
    • load search terms, mini ads and bids onto each click providers site (Google, Overture, Espotting).
    • monitor & adjust your online advertising campaign on a daily basis to ensure that you receive the optimum number of visitors at the lowest cost per click and within the pre agreed budget.
    • produce weekly or monthly management reports.
  • alternately, we can educate your own team to do the above for themselves.
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