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Being found naturally in the search engines requires your website to be optimised

Search terms or keywords for this site:

Our research revealed almost
300 search terms relevant to this
site, they were used in total
360,000 times during March
2005, the top forty were:
  • online advertising
  • search engine optimisation
  • internet marketing
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Each of these keywords were
used at least 800 times, some
in excess of 20,000.

What does being found naturally mean: It means that your site will be appear in the search engine results, without you having to pay to be there.

Example: Lets say your product is " baked beans " - a search on Google for "baked beans" generated over 2 million results, with just 10 results to the page - you've got to be doing exceedingly well to appear on pages 1, 2 or 3 of the results (the length of many surfers attention spans).

We certainly get the impression that search engines are conspiring against you being found naturally, but why shouldn't they. No different to a magazine or a newspaper, they own an advertising medium, where increasing numbers of shoppers go to find commodities to buy. In the same way that a magazine sells advertising space, you can understand why a search engine would want to charge for a prime position - it's called business.

If we look back just eighteen months, it was unlikely that we would have found more than three paid for adverts on any search engine page. That situation is changing rapidly, Recently we checked the search term "Villa Holidays" with the major search engines and this is what we found:
Search Engine Pay per click results on page one of search %age of page one given to "pay per click adverts
MSN 11 42%
Google 10 50%
Yahoo 11 57%
Lycos 13 57%
Ask Jeeves 13 57%
Tiscali 10 100%
Wanadoo 10 100%
Altavista 5 33%
MyNextSearch 10 100%
AOL 4 29%
Achieving a high ranking is not a permanent situation, the search engines regularly alter their selection criteria (algorithms), making it difficult to stay on page 1, even if you have been fortunate enough to get their.
Therefore, as you can see, the odds of your site being found naturally are stacking against you, particularly with the most popular search terms.
Having illustrated the obstacles of being found naturally above, our overwhelming recommendation would still be, to optimise your web-site and to create the best chance of being found naturally by the search engines. For the lesser "search terms", "keywords" or "phrases" it is still possible to have considerable success at being found naturally.
As we have already said, it takes time to achieve natural listings, but we remain convinced that the effort is worthwhile.
Additionally, not so long ago the search engines relied on what your behind the scenes meta-tags told them, to determine what was on offer in your web-site. Today they are much more sophisticated and are able to read the content of your web pages. Our view is that each new generation of search engine will become increasingly capable of identifying exactly what service or product you are offering, and therefore weed out a much greater portion of inapplicable results that are generated today - back to our "baked beans" example, perhaps less than 5% of that two million results actually contain anything to do with baked beans.
Therefore, for advice on site optimisation contact Clicks4U today.
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