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Internet Marketing

Shopping 10 years ago

Shopping today

"Its nowhere near as enjoyable, but increasingly it is what today's consumers do."

How do you ensure they find you & buy from you?

- simple, three word's




That's what Clicks4U does best.
What are the main ingredients for a successful internet marketing campaign. In our opinion the following points need to be considered:
  • To state the obvious, you need a web-site.
  • The web-site itself should:
    • be welcoming
    • be well organised with a contents table
    • be clear, concise and interesting
    • look professional & knowledgeable.
    • be easy to navigate around
    • follow the normal conventions of your industry
    • offer maximum product or service data
    • detail full contact information including names of key people
    • if practical, allow for sales & payment to be made online
    • be rich in all the important keywords and phrases in both the text & the headers
    • mirror your corporate identity
    • have sub-home pages (landing pages) for specific product types
  • Behind the scenes:
    • each page should have fully completed meta-tags (specific to each page).
    • subscribe to a site subscription service
    • know where your server is sited (for example a .com server located in say Germany, will find it harder to be found in the UK, compared with say a server located in the UK)
    • ensure that good management information is available about your sites visitors
  • Decide the role that you expect your website to play:
    • advertisement
    • shop window
    • online shop
    • online catalogue or brochure
    • information provider
    • some or all of these
  • Decide where your prospective customers are located:
    • part of the UK
    • UK
    • Europe
    • Worldwide
  • Decide where your on-line customers are going to come from:
    • being found on natural listings (long lead in time).
    • internet advertising (pay per click, advertising banners)
    • web address on traditional advertising.
    • mail-shots & email to previous customers / enquirers.
    • web address on press articles
    • web address elsewhere (company vehicles, letter-headeded paper, merchandising, beer mats, etc., etc.)
    • links from other quality web sites
  • Know who your online competitors are:
    • what are they offering
      • Service
      • Products
      • Prices
      • Delivery times and charges
  • Research & know the keywords & phrases that your customers will use to find the products or services that you offer.
    • revisit the research regularly, because terminology, language and products evolve.
  • If you opt for a pay per click online marketing campaign, ensure your ads reach an appropriate audience - remember, its not the volume of visitors that's important, it is the quality of the the visitors.>
  • Pay per Click is an absolute minefield, therefore ensure that you find people who know what they are doing to construct and manage your campaign - like us! 
We know that we can deliver cheaper, more effective customer acquisition solutions for your business today and into the future - contact us now!

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