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Pay per Click

Case Study

A client contacted us in April 2004, complaining that his web-site was not being found by the search engines. His businesses sales were slowing and he had detected that on-line competitors were taking a growing proportion of his market place. He asked us to come up with a proposal.

We carefully researched his market place and came up with a list of circa 500 search terms (keywords) that we felt were appropriate for his business. He also told us that his budget would be 750 per week tops.

Our proposal said that we were confident that we could deliver 3,083 visitors per week for 750.00, that is 24.33p per visitor, we also said that those visitors would represent 3.5% of the searches being conducted.

Over the last 47 weeks that clients mini-ads, have been seen by over 5 million surfers, 161,318 have visited his site at an average cost of 17.19p per visitor. Our client is delighted with his on-line sales performance.

For the first 7 weeks we were spending 24p or so per visitor, but have continually refined our approach - Our weekly average for the past 16 weeks is 4,392 visitors for 679.18 or 15.46 pence per visitor.

Is an online marketing facility, where a company or individual sponsors a keyword (search term), produces a mini advert, adds a web address and bids for a high ranked position on a search engine.

In reality, you sponsor a set of relevant keywords to ensure that your ad appears on any one of a group of Search Engines each time that one of your relevant keywords is entered into any of the search engines.
Each time one of your search terms is entered into a search engine, your ad will appear:
  • If you are the highest bidder you will appear as the first result on the first page of the search results.
  • Up to 80 or more businesses may be bidding for each search term
  • You only pay, when a potential customer "clicks" on your search result ad and enters your website.
  • The maximum click through rate for the highest bidder is circa 8% (for every 100 people who key in that particular search term, you can expect 8 visitors to your site).
  • Bids range from 5p or 10p per click to 10.00 in exceptional circumstances.>
  • Because Clicks4U specialises in finding the full array of keywords & phrases and writes accurate mini adverts, we are able to deliver a large number of relevant visitors at a low average click cost.
At the moment there are two main search engine "pay per click" advertising groups:
  • Overture (owned by Yahoo) that supplies sponsored search engine results to;
    Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Altavista, Wanadoo, Tiscali etc.
  • Google Adwords that supplies sponsored search engine results to;
    Google, Ask Jeeves, BTopenworld, NTLworld, Virgin, Dealtime, Blueyonder, Nextag, etc.
We are expecting a third significant "pay per click" player to emerge in the coming months, together with some realignment of the groupings above.
At Clicks4U, we are confident that we can develop a pay per click campaign for your business, that will:
  • deliver quality customers to your site
  • keep within your weekly or monthly budget
  • achieve the optimum cost per click
We have come across so many examples where a prospective client has had a go himself with very expensive consequences. The short cuts on offer can cost your business dearly - one client told one of the pay per click businesses (in truth his advertising agency told the pay per click business) that his daily budget was 200 and the his maximum bid was 1 per click - what did he get - you've guessed it 200 1 clicks per day from the most expensive search term. Clicks4U comes along and buys him 500 20p clicks a day, saving him 100 a day that he could not afford.
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